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We know the complicated legal processes involved in aviation disasters. ┬áMost aircraft accidents result in multiple fatalities and involve large corporations that don’t want you t have access to the law. We can help.


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OSHA Levies Fines Against United Airline

Following an inspection performed by the Department of Labor in January of 2014, Occupational Health and Safety Authorities (OSHA) has determined that United Airlines should be fined $101,300 due to infractions that could jeopardize the safety of workers in the

Pilot Ejects Before San Diego Crash

An unmanned military AV-8B Harrier jet crashed into a San Diego neighborhood just after 4:00 PM on Wednesday. Despite the dangerous explosions that followed its crash in a residential neighborhood it appears that no one was injured. While the plane

Ex Malaysian PM Accuses US of Foul Play in Missing Boeing

Mahathir Mohamed, the 88 year old former Prime Minister of Malaysia, has leveled accusations against the CIA and Aerospace Engineering giant Boeing that they remotely hijacked the missing plane and are currently hiding it.  Mahathir posted on his personal blog